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Easier - Scrapbooking is the making of a scrapbook. A scrapbook is an organized collection of clippings, notes, pictures and other things. The materials can be placed in a purchased scrapbook album or a hand-made book.
Harder - Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories, or other textual content into a scrapbook style album. A few scrapbooks are mass produced, but most are unique, singular publications. They can contain an accumulation of all sorts of objects such as newspaper clippings, magazine articles, play bills, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and locks of hair. Scrapbooks are often embellished with ribbon or other pieces of fabric, colorful graphics, and other artwork. These artifacts of history are attached to the album pages. Many different types of scrapbooks have been made including family histories, personal journals and memories, and historical records of organizations, military units, and other groups. Personal scrapbooks provide a unique view into the thoughts, lives, and activities of their creator(s). Some of the best and most valuable scrapbooks are simple, focused documents that are directed to one single topic or subject. Scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft industry in the United States. The advent of computers has expanded the techniques available for producing, duplicating, and distributing scrapbooks. For example, some personal websites are virtual scrapbooks.
Computer Scrapbooking
Computers bring all kinds of new possibilities to scrapbooking letting you create everything from simple journaling to entire scrapbook pages!
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Creating Keepsakes
This online site of the magazine provides ideas, instruction, and resources for scrapbooking.
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2) Graceful Bee from Preston Stone Enterprises
3) Scrapbooking
Learn 2 Scrapbook
This is the site for beginner scrapbookers. Here you find tips, techniques and ideas.
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Two Peas in a Bucket
This unique site provides design layouts and projects ideas to inspire and educate on the many areas of scrapbooking.
After visiting several of the websites on scrapbooking, complete one or more of these related activities.
Create A Multimedia Scrapbook. If you already have a general understanding of a subject they are studying (i.e., you have done some preliminary learning), you might want to create a multimedia scrapbook. Continue by digging through resources, both on and offline. Gather information organized around your specific topic, such as photographs, maps, stories, facts, quotations, sound clips, videos, virtual tours, etc. Then download or copy and paste these scraps into a multimedia format to create your desktop slide presentation, HyperStudio stack, or web page. You can find additional help, ideas, and examples at Exploring China: A Scrapbook by T. March - - but your project can be original and unique to you and your interest.
Organize A Scrapbook Club. Are there others in your location, who are interested in learning more about scrapbooking and sharing ideas and techniques? Then you might want to start a scrapbook club. You can find online help at Scrapbooking Club Basics. This is written for adult scrappers; however, the guidelines can be adapted for about any age group. Make it work for your club and its specific situation. An alternative activity is to create a scrapbook comittee for an organization, club, or activity that is already in place. A scrapbook is a great way to gather memories - - whether that be for the Spanish club at school, this year's Spring play, your 4-H Club, summer camp, or almost anything. Get started and save and share those great activities.
Make A Scrapbook. First, you need to focus on a theme or one activity or event. Scrapbooks can be done for a person, a travel vaction, or a pet (Make and Do: Pet Scrapbook from Creature Features). Here are a few startup sites for other scrapping help and ideas:
1) 50 Ways  to Get Organized and Enjoy Your Scrapbooking Hobby by M. Gracia
2) How To Begin Your Scrapbook Hobby by B. Valenzuela
3) Make a Scrapbook (Page 1 of 4) by A. Kennedy from FamilyFun
4) Making a Scrapbook
5) NewBees Guide to Scrapbooking from Graceful Bee
6) Scrapbooking Basics from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
7) Scrapbook Help Page from Billy Bear 4 Kids
8) Scrap Tutor
Create An A-B-C Scrapbook. This is the project for someone with a pre-school friend or relative who is just starting to learn the alphabet. Create an A-B-C scrapbook as a project with them or as a gift for them. Before you start visit (1) ABC Album Ideas from Creative Memories, (2) ABC The Scrapbook Way!, (3) How to Create an ABC Album from Scrapbooking Guide, and (4) What I Learned from My ABC Book by A. Pedersen from One Scrappy Site.
More Scrappy Websites 
Crazy for Scrappin'
Here you will find many wonderful page layout ideas gathered from friends and readers. You will also find tips and hints about creative ways to use tools, new products, how to preserve your memories and more!
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Memory Joggers from Creative Memories' Idea Center
Journaling can be an important part of scrapbooking. Meaningful journaling sometimes takes memory prodding. Use the following questions as you start the journaling process.
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2) Scrapbook Journal
This site aimed at "serious" scrapbookers contains forum discussion groups, scrapbooking ideas, and shares tips, and resources.
Scrapbook and Home Archives Preservation from Image Permanence Institute
These pages offer those in the scrapbook industry access to technical information regarding scrapbook preservation.
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3) Tip Sheet List from the Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium
Scrapbook Memories
The site for the PBS television program for scrapbookers, here you can find projects, gallery, host biographies, sponsors, discussion area, and more.
Scrapbook Storytelling by J.C. Slan
This commercial site also contains some freebie scrapping materials and ideas.
Scrapbooking from Home and Garden Televsion (HGTV),1788,HGTV_3316,00.html
This site has several layouts, plus some tips, and tricks for scrapbooking.
This links-site connects you to layouts, designs, fonts, backgrounds, and lots of ideas for scrapbooking.
Your Family Legacy
This site focuses on scrapbooking family memories.
More Online Scrapping Materials and Ideas
Alphabets, Lettering, & Fonts: (1) Acid Fonts,
(2) Alphabets (Printable) from Activity Village, (3) Alphabets & Decorative Lettering from Scrapbook, (4) Decorative Initials from RennysNiche, (5) Fonts from Billy Bear 4 Kids, (6) Page Titles from Scrappers Haven Creativersity, (7) Font Links from One Scrappy Site, (8) Font Downloads from One Scrappy Site, (9) All Good Things Typography, (10) Blue Vinyl Fonts
Borders: (1) Borders from Scrappers
Haven Creativersity
Clipart: (1) Cool Clipart, (2) Clipart from Billy Bear 4 Kids, (3) Clip Art for Scrapbooking
Graphics: (1) Print Scrapbook Goodies
from Billy Bear 4 Kids, (2) Paper Arts from Scrappers Haven Creativersity, (3) Punch Art from Scrappers Haven Creativersity
Layouts and Designs: (1) Daily Page from
Creative Xpress, (2) Texture from Scrappers Haven Creativersity, (3) Gallery from Scrapjazz, (4) Layout Ideas from All About Memories, (5) Scrapbook Layouts from One Scrappy Site
Patterns & Backgrounds: (1) Pattern Sheets, Wrapping Paper, or Scrap-booking Paper from Activity Village
Paper Dolls: (1) Paper Dolls from
Scrappers Haven Creativersity
Poems: (1) Denny's Poems and Quotes, (2) Poem
Place from dMarie, (3) Scrapbooking Poems
Websites For Teachers
My Family Traditions Scrapbook by J. Cozzens
Each American family has played an important role in the building of our country. All people have a history that is uniquely their own. Kids' innate curiosity about the past, especially about their own history, really lends itself to the making of a family scrapbook.
Scrapbook (Grades 7-9) by M. Hall
Students will be involved with collecting photographs, writing personal narratives, and creating a family scrapbook.
Scrapbooking: The Collection of Creative Ideas from PBS
Students will explain and test the value and use of scrapbooks in writing and historic inquiry.
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2) Mark Twain's Interactive Scrapbook
acid free paper
journal writing
clip art
sheet protector
pen & pencil
lignin free
fiber & fabric
rubber stamp
archival quality
oral history
photo album
Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 5/03.