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Easier - A pumpkin is a large round orange fruit. Pumpkins grow on a vine along the ground. The thick inside pulp can be eaten and is often used for making pies. People in the United States also carve and decorate pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns to celebrate Halloween.
Harder - The pumpkin plant is a vegetable that yields round or oval fruits, also called pumpkins. The pumpkin plant is a green bushy vine that has large, prickly leaves, and produces short-lived blossoms. These yellow male and female flowers open for one day. More pumpkin blossoms are male than female. Male blossoms have pollen that is transferred to the female flowers by bees. Only pollinated female blossoms develop into pumpkins. Therefore, few of the pumpkin flowers actually produce a pumpkin.
Pumpkins are related to squash. Most pumpkin fruits are orange, but some are white, yellow, or other colors. They have a hard outer shell that is lined inside with a thicker layer of coarse pulp. Inside that, the pumpkin's central cavity holds seeds within its stringy mass. The mature pumpkin fruit usually weighs 15 to 30 pounds (6.8 to 14 kilograms), but some giants may weigh over 800 pounds (363 kilograms). The eatable pulp of a pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and potassium. People cook pumpkins in various ways, especially as pumpkin pie. Pumpkin seeds, a source of protein and iron, are a popular snack when roasted. Some farmers raise pumpkins for livestock feed.
Pumpkins (Grades K-3) at Enchanted Learning
Here you find lots of pumpkin activities, rhymes, a maze, and more.
Pumpkins and More from University of Illinois Extension
Learn history and facts about this squash, get recipes for things like pumpkin seeds, or have some pumpkin-y fun.
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2) Pumpkin Patch from Ohio State University Extension
Pumpkin Circle Project and
This website site provides information about the award-winning Pumpkin Circle video (narrated by Danny Glover with music by George Winston) as well as the Pumpkin Circle picture book. The site also has information about growing pumpkins.
Pumpkin Nook
This site is dedicated to everything there is to say, do and know about pumpkins; how to grow them, carving pumpkins, recipes for cooking and eating, pumpkin songs and games, the history of pumpkins and more.
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2) Pumpkineaters
3) Pumpkin Patch
After exploring lots of the pumpkin websites, complete one or more of these activities.
Read A Pumpkin Story. You can find some online at KidsDomain ( Also visit your library media center to pick out a pumpkin book. After you finish reading it, write a review of it. Include a summary of the book and your opinion.
Complete Some Pumpkin Activities. You can find an online quiz, fun facts, word scramble and more at Learning Activities ( from Swan's Pumpkin Farm.
Do You Like Pumpkin Puzzles? Younger learners might want to start with the 6-piece (1) Pumpkin and Boy ( and (2) Pumpkin Patch puzzles ( Then see how long it takes to put together the (3) Pumpkin Jigsaw Puzzle ( Then move on to the (4) Pumpkin Ledge (, (5) Potted Pumpkins (, (6) Happy Pumpkins (, (7) Pink Pumpkinheads (, and (8) Thanksgiving ( You can change the difficulty of some of these puzzles by choosing the type of shapes and increasing the number of pieces. Find a different type of pumpkin puzzle to solve at (9) Pumpkin Slider Puzzle ( - - its a tough one!
Make Some Pumpkin Food. Try the recipe at (1) Vala's Pumpkin Pie ( pick one from the many at (2) Pumpkin Recipes ( from University of Illinois Extension's Pumpkins and More, (3) Recipes that Call for Pumpkin (, or (4) Pumpkin Recipes Galore! ( from Pumpkineaters. You might even want to learn how to roast pumpkin seeds at (5) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds ( . . . id=54147) from Kraft and (6) Preserving Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds and Popcorn ( from North Dakota State University Extension Service.
Carve A Pumpkin. Get some carving and decorating ideas from sites like these . . .
1) Giant Pumpkin Carvings
2) Pumpkin Carving 101
3) Pumpkin Carving from Pumpkin Nook
4) Pumpkin Carving Party from Kraft
5) Pumpkin Decorating from Halloween Kids
6) Pumpkin Masters
You can also carve a pumpkin online at Create Your Own Jack O'Lantern (, Carve-a-Pumpkin (, and Carve Your Own Virtual Pumpkin! ( from Swan Pumpkin Farm, Inc.
Complete A Pumpkin WebQuest. Adapt or follow the instructions that you find at one of the following webQuest sites . . .
1) Great Pumpkin Detectives (Grade K-1) by L. Palmieri and B. Demetriow
2) Pumpkin Web Quest
3) Pumpkin Patch (Grade K) by J. Johnson
4) Pumpkin Patch (Grade 2) by M.B. Spell . . .
6) Pumpkin Patch Webquest
8) Pumpkin Webquest (Grade 1)
Try Growing A Giant Pumpkin. Find some startup help at Starting the Giant Pumpkin Seedling ( by R. Waterman and other sites at World Class Giant Pumpkin ( from Backyard Gardener.
How Do You Carve A Pumpkin? There's definitely more than one answer to that question, but what is the right way to carve a pumpkin? Write out step-by-step instructions for the task. What types of safety considerations should be taken? Include them in your procedure.
Compare And Contrast Apples & Pumpkins. Analyze pumpkins and apples to identify how they are alike and different. Use a Venn diagram to show your findings. Learn about this technique at Venn Diagram Basic ( Place the things that are different in the outside circle sections, and the ways they are alike in the shared inner section. Find lots of information about apples at a companion eduScapes 42eXplore project: Apples (http://42explore/apples.htm).
Write Some Pumpkin Poetry. Get some startup help and find lots of examples and help from Mrs. Silverman's Pumpkin Patch (
Website By Kids For Kids
Some Halloween Pumpkins
Here's a gallary of pumpkins decorated by students of Greek mythology.
More Pumpkin Sites
Giant Pumpkins
This is a place to find out new information about growing and having fun with giant pumpkins.
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2) World Class Giant Pumpkin from Backyard Gardener
Pumpkin Clip Art at The Pumpkin Patch
Here you find lots of free pumpkin clip art that you can use, plus links to other clip art sites.
Pumpkin Patch by S.A Silverman
Here you find lots of pumpkin poetry written by stundents plus facts and links for pumpkins.
Websites For Teachers
Addie's Pumpkin Potpourri by A. Gaines
Here is a collection of pumpkin-themed activities to keep little hands learning.
Similar Website:
2) Pumpkin Circle
Halloween Creative Writing Project (Grades 2-6) by J. Offt from A to Z Teacher Stuff
The lesson focus is on creativity as students write from the pumpkin's point of view to convince the teacher not to pick it to be carved into a jack-o'-lantern!
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2) Pass The Pumpkin (Preschool) by P. Diekhoff
3) Pumpkin Circuit (Grade 2) by L. Slaughter
4) Pumpkin Investigation (Grades K-2) by A. Post
5) Pumpkin Patch (Grade 1) by S. Mitchell
6) Pumpkin, Pumpkin Yummy Treats (Preschool-Grade K) by A. Koch
Harvest / Pumpkin Poems and Songs from Teachers Net Lesson Exchange
Here is a collection of poetry and songs, mainly about pumpkins.
Another Related Site from Teachers Net Lesson Exchange:
2) Pumpkin Investigations
Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington
This book is the story of a boy, named Jamie, who plants some pumpkin seeds. As the pages turn so does time and a wonderful sequence of the growth of a pumpkin.
Pumpkin Project (Grades K-6) by By D. Brady from Greentree Naturals
This site describes a pumpkin growing project.
Museums in the Classroom Pumpkin Project
The lesson is all about those lovely, roundish, orange fruits--pumpkins. Included in this project are hands-on activities, links to other web sites on pumpkins, extension ideas, and a discussion of the standards met by this project.
101 Things to Do with a Pumpkin
Harvest a crop of fun-filled learning with this passel of pumpkin ideas and activities for math, writing, science, art, and fun using the ever-popular pumpkin!
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3) Ms. Pieczko's Pumpkin Patch
4) Pumpkin Unit from Kindergarten Kapers
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6) Pumpkin Unit
Pumpkin Observations by L. Cody and L. Roccotagliata (Grades 2-3) from the Educator's Reference Desk
Students will learn that all pumpkins are different. They vary in size, weight, and the number of seeds found inside. Students will practice several scientific processes, including observing, predicting, and recording observations as a pumpkin is examined.
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2) Pumpkin Exploration from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
3) Pumpkin Life Cycle (Grade 1) by D. Heinemann
4) Pumpkin Science
5) Pumpkin Seed Comparison (Grades 5-6) by A. Maratea-Crowder from AskERIC
Pumpkin Pie for All! (Grades 2-7) by D. Lehar
Let's make pumpkin pie for the whole class! Imagine making enough pie so that everyone could have a piece. How about enough pie to take one home. The only problem is that the recipe you have makes 1 pie at a time which only has 8 pieces.
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2) Estimating With Pumpkin Seeds by M. Stout
3) Pumpkin Estimation
Pump Up the Curriculum With Pumpkins! from Education World
This lesson planning article provides lots of ideas for pumping up the curriculum with pumpkins! Jump into pumpkin facts and pumpkin lore. Try pumpkin science, pumpkin math, pumpkin writing.
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2) Great Pumpkins from RiverDeep
Storyboard of "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever" by I. Psaras (Grades 2-3) from the Educator's Reference Desk
This lesson begins with After reading "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever" by Steven Kroll aloud.
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