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Easier - Photography is the art or job of taking or making photographs. It is the creation of images by exposing film or a computer chip to light inside a camera.
Harder - The word photography comes from Greek words meaning to write or draw with light. Photography is a process of making pictures by the action of light. Light is reflected from an object to form an image on a material sensitive to light.
Most pictures are made using a device called a camera. A camera works somewhat like the human eye, capturing reflected light from objects and through a camera lens and focusing those light rays into an image. Traditionally cameras recorded the image onto film. More recently through the development of computer chips, many cameras capture their images on a computer chip. The computer chip then allows the conversion of the image to digital data. Regardless of whether the photography is film or digital-based, the images can be made permanent and seen by an unlimited number of people.
Online Photography from The Journal of Fine Art Photography
This comprehensive site contains articles and links to all facets of photography.
Other Comprehensive Websites on Photography:
3) by P. Greenspun
4) Still Journal
Better Photo
This comprehensive website contains information and tips on both traditional and digital photography.
Other Photo-Tips Sites:
2) Basic Photography Tutorials
3) Black Cat Photographic Rules-of-Thumb
4) Digital Cameras and Photography
5) Focus on Photography
5) Photo Tips from PhotoSecrets
6) Tips for Using a Point & Shoot Camera by P. Greenspun
Exposure: A Beginners Guide to Photography
This site was created to explain the concepts of modern photography.
Not To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Sim-Cam
Other Online Guides:
3) American School of Paris Photography Class
4) Lesson in Color Photography
This is a huge website from the photo-industry pioneer. The site offers photo taking tips, an online catalog of products, and a picture gallery.
Not-To-Be-Missed Sections:
2) Digital Learning Center Plus
3) Taking Great Pictures
After visiting several of the photography websites, complete one or more of the following activities:
Make a Pinhole Camera. First visit sites like Making Cameras at the Pinhole Gallery, Cartridge Pinhole Camera, How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera from Kodak, Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography, and Exploratorium's Making a Pinhole Camera. Select and build your own pinhole camera. Then take and develop photographs with it.
Make Your Own Stereographs. Visit Make Your Own Stereographs and follow the directions to make and view your own stereograph prints.
Create A Photo Essay. Learn about photo essays at Part One &endash; The Tradition of the Photo Essay and Part Two &endash; Getting Started from the New York Institute of Photography. Then select a subject and complete your own photo essay.
Create A Timeline for the Development of Photography. Devise a timeline that positions the major developments in the fields of Photography. Illustrate your timeline with pictures. Display the timeline.
Complete A Photography WebQuest. Follow or adapt the procedures found at one of the following webQuest sites:
1) Famous Photographers by K. Hemming-Hayes
2) Photography WebQuest by J. E. Kline (Grades 9-12)
As an alternate activity, you may prefer this Internet scavenger hunt on photography:
3) Civil War Photography J.Beyersdorfer
Websites By Kids For Kids
Black and White Photography (1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
Learn about the history, camera operations, picture taking techniques, and darkroom processes for black and white photography.
Digital Photography Exposed (1998 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This web site presents information on digital--or filmless--photography.
Photography Pro (2001 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
This site is designed to help young photographers by providing hints and tips, links to animal and photographic sites, fun facts, and many photos from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
Photography: The Art of Light (1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
Here you can find simulations, a discussion board, and more, to learn about photography.
Photo Interactive (1997 Award Winning ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This photography primer covers cameras, film, paper and printing, lighting, and more. Each section includes diagrams, examples, instructions, and a short quiz.
SLR Photography Online (1999 Silver Award, ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
Photography is more than just taking pictures; it requires skill and an understanding of how your camera works. This site helps you first introducing the basics of photography, followed by the advanced skills.
World of Photography (2000 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
This site includes fact pages on the photographic process, types of development, cameras and film. It includes suggestions for picking subjects and getting ready to take a picture. There are instructions on how we made a pinhole cameras and develop our paper negatives.
More Websites on Photography
Coolmint Infrared Photography by G. Wrigley
Infrared photography provides insight into part of the spectrum of light that is beyond the visible range but can be easily captured on infrared film.
Other Websites About Infrared Photography:
2) BW Infrared Photography by B. Kreunen
3) Infrared Photography
Digital Camera News and Reviews from Digital Photography Review
Here you find digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital camera products, discussion forums, sample images, a digital camera buyers guide, side-by-side comparisons and digital camera features and specifications.
Other Product Information Sites:
2) Camera Reviews at Photography Review
3) Choosing a Digital Camera
4) Digital Photography
The f-Stops Here
Here you find a series of helpful columns on outdoor photography.
History of Photography by R. Leggat
This website covers the first eighty years of the development of photography and includes summary articles, information on some of the most significant processes used during the early days, and biographies of significant people.
Related Websites:
2) Box Cameras
3) Daguerreotype Process at Newcastle University Library
4) Digital Daguerreian Archive
5) Daguerreian Society
6) History and Practice of the Art of Photography by Henry H. Snelling
(Electronic E-Text from Project Gutenberg)
7) Masters of Photography
8) Matthew Brady
9) Photography History and Development
10) Wizard of Photography at PBS
How to Take Travel Pictures Like a Pro from Fodors
Here is a guide covering travel photography.
Intimate Nature: Ansel Adams and the Close View from the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
This interactive guide examines select nature photographs by Ansel Adams in terms of their visual perception, reinterpretation of details, appeal of the dramatic versus the subtle, as well as the use of the view camera and the zone system.
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop from Graphic Comm Central
This is a collection of tips and tricks for image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.
Macintosh Version:
2) Kai's Power Tips and Tricks
Landscapes Photography Technique Tips
This site explains the procedures followed by the photographer in obtaining a waterfalls photograph.
Related Website:
2) Photographic Information Page from Ambrose Landscape Photography
Library of Photography
This is an extensive links-site that connects to photography information and resources sites.
Similar Websites:
2) Photography & Digital Imaging Resources
New York Institute of Photography
This site has one major objective - to help you take better pictures. Every month, they put up new tips, topics and contest information.
Nocturnes Night Photography
Here you find information about night photography.
Related Website:
2) Night Photography at ThinkQuest
North American Nature Photography Association
This organization is the first and only association in North America committed to the field of nature photography with a mission to provide education, foster professional and ethical conduct, gather and disseminate information, and develop standards for all persons interested in the field of nature photography.
Other Related Photography Websites:
2) Animal Photography by June & Larry Allan
3) Great Nature Photography Ring
4) Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography
5) Wild Portraits
Pinhole Visions: The Art of Pinhole Photography
Here you can find all types of information on pinhole photography and the work of pinhole photographers.
Related Websites:
2) Penultimate Pinhole Photography Page
3) Pinhole Gallery
4) Pinhole Photography
Primer to Black-and-White Photography from the New York Institute of Photography
Here is a series of web-based lessons on black-and-white photography.
1) Back To Black-and-White &endash; Part 1
2) Back To Black-and-White &endash; Part 2
3) Back To Black-and-White &endash; Part 3
4) Back To Black-and-White &endash; Part 4
5) Back To Black-and-White &endash; Part 5
Primer to Digital Photography created by the New York Institute of Photography
This site provides a series of web-based lessons for digital photography.
1) What's It All About?
2) What Is "Digital"?
3) Three Phases of Digital Photography
4) Three Phases of Digital Photography Continued
5) Digital Cameras and Scanners
6) What Do Pixels Do?
7) How To Minimize Artifacts?
8) Pixel 'Specs'
9) Photorealistic Prints
Travel Photography from PhotoSecrets
This site has links galore for people who enjoy travel and photography.
Other Related Sites:
2) Photography at Utah Outdoors,2010,P467,00.html
This site is an online guide to digital photography, digital cameras, and digital video.
Other Digital Photography Sites:
2) Digital Photography Review
Photography Museums, Exhibitions, and Galleries
American Museum of Photography
This is an award-winning Virtual Museum dedicated to educating, informing, and sharing great photographs. Exhibitions are drawn from the Museum's Collection, started by Wm. B. Becker, and includes five thousand individual images, from the earliest daguerreotype portraits to the work of Ansel Adams.
Other Photography Museum Sites:
2) California Museum of Photography from University of California, Riverside
3) Digital Photography Exhibit at Bradley University
4) George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film
American Photography: A Century of Images
Explore a century of photography though feature topics that include photography as art, documentation of war, digital photography, persuasion, social change, cultural identity, and more.
Related Website:
2) Picturing the Century: One Hundred Years of Photography from the National Archives
and Records Administration
Masters of Photography
This online gallery contains photographs, extensive essays, and biographies.
Photography at National Geographic
This site contains photo galleries plus tips and techniques.
Other Related National Geographic Sites:
2) Camera Bag
3) George Eastman: The Wizard of Photography
Photography at the Smithsonian Institution
This is a rich resource containing photography resources and links plus online exhibitions.
Online Photography Magazines
ACE Camera Photography Magazine
Apogee Photo Magazine
Digital Photography Review
Nature Photoraphers Online Magazine
Popular Photography
Shutterbug Magazine
Websites For Teachers
K-12 Solutions: Lesson Plans from Kodak
This site has a huge collection of lesson plans integrating photography across the curriculum and grade levels.
Teachers Guide at American Photography: A Century of Images from PBS (Grades 9-12)
This site has a great series of lesson plans involving photography: (1) using photography to time travel, (2) photo history timeline, (3) power of stills, (4) censor or not: power of war photos, and (5) manipulating photographs.
Lesson Plans from VidKids (Grades 5-6)
This unit plan contains activities for a 'low tech' approach toward moving pictures. Emphasis is placed on the concepts of sight, motion, time, and space. Students are also introduced to photographic imagery, an important component of video.
pinhole camera
color photography
single lens reflex
black & white photography
box camera
2 1/4" square
large format
camera obscura
polarizer filter
shutter speed
depth of field
International Standards Organization
electronic flash
hot shoe
telephoto lens
model release form
fisheye lens
zoom lens
focal plane shutter
focal length
ultraviolet filter
large format
rule of thirds
wide angle lens
film speed
light & shadow
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