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Global Warming

Easier - The surface of the earth has been warming, the average temperature increasing, for several years. People studying this do not agree on the cause of the warming trend. Some say that man has caused the change; others claim that it is a natural trend.
Harder - For several years believers and skeptics have argued about the causes of global warming. The problem is complicated because believers warn that man-made causes if left to advance too far may be irreversible. Reduction of the rainforests, continued growth in hydrocarbon industries, increases in livestock, and depletion of the ozone are all considered factors in the debate. Skeptics maintain that the climate change is a natural phenomenon, that man's effect on nature is largely overrated. The fact is that for several years, the earth's temperature is rising. The problem remains in deciding what if anything we can do about it.
Earth on Fire (NASA Classroom of the Future™)
Are our industrial and agricultural practices changing Earth's climate? You'll examine humankind's impact on the global environment as well as Earth's past in an attempt to answer this important question.
Global Warming at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
This site presents information on the very broad issue of climate change and global warming.
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2) Global Warming/Climate Change Theme Page at Community Learning Network
3) Global Warming at Environmental Defense
4) Global Warming Central at Pace University
Global Warming at Skepticism.Net
If some environmentalists are to be believed, we are on the verge of massive global climate change which will see a significant rise in sea levels, chaotic weather patterns, and catastrophic droughts all caused by small increase in global average temperature. This site provides links to resources skeptical of those sort of doomsday scenarios.
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2) Global Warming: Scientific Debate at Idea House: National Center. for Policy Analysis
3) Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Warming of the Earth from Woods Hole Research Center
This site is a beginner's guide to understanding the issue of global warming.
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of these activities:
Learn While Playing Games. Have fun learning at Global Warming Games.
Complete a Global Warming WebQuest. Adapt or follow the instructions found at one of the following webQuest sites.
1) Earth on Fire (Classroom of the Future)
2) Global Warming WebQuest by Kelly Susi
Debate Global Warming. Research the issue, then pick a side - believer or skeptic - and debate the threat of global warming.
Write About a 'Day in the Future.' After learning about issues related to global warming, write what life will be like in a hundred years. Focus on energy sources, types of energy conversions employed, and the effects of any climate changes on daily life.
Create a Poster on Global Warming. After identifying whether you are a believer or skeptic with regard to global warming issues and threats, create a poster that conveys you perspectives.
Websites By Kids For Kids
Global Warming: The great Debate (1999 ThinkQuest Project)
This project provides information about the greenhouse effect and its relationship to global warming.
Heat Watch (1998 ThinkQuest Project)
This site explains what global warming is, the causes, the dangers, suggests possible solutions, and allows you to quiz yourself on the material.
Influence of Greenhouse Effect (1998 ThinkQuest Project)
The main cause of global warming seems to be the greenhouse effect, related to the byproducts of burning of fossil fuels for energy.
Lots More Sites
Climate Change Champaign (World Wide Fund For Nature)
This site focuses on issues related to global warming; causes, impact, and solutions.
Effects of Global Warming
This article discusses the degree of destruction caused by global warming, contributing factors to warming, and what we can do to decrease the current rate of global warming.
Other Global Warming Articles:
2) Are Human Activities Causing Global Warming? at George C. Marshall Institute
Global Change at Athena
This instructional material provides information and activities about global change.
Global Warming
(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climate Data Center)
This facts-sheet site addresses issues such as buildup of greenhouse gases; evidence, attribution, and prediction of climate change; and the impacts of climate change.
Another Related NOAA Website:
2) Paleo Perspective on Global Warming
Global Warning at Teachon
This links-site connects to several global warming sites.
Global Warming: Focus on the Future
Here you can find out what global warming is and how you can help stop it.
Global Warming Information
This huge site has lots of up-to-date information on global warming. Be sure to check out their 'Student Research Page.'
Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast
This is the interactive version of an award-winning exhibition on the greenhouse effect developed by EDF and the American Museum of Natural History.
Greenhouse Effect
This website has information about the greenhouse effect, the difference between ozone depletion and global warming, and looks at solutions.
Is Earth Overheating? at Earth in the Balance (World Book)
Examine the natural and human causes of climate change, review the greenhouse effect, and study possible effects of global warming.
Related Website:
2) Global Warming Issue
Ozone Hole Tour (Centre for Atmospheric Science, Univ. of Cambridge)
Dramatic loss of ozone in the lower stratosphere over Antarctica was first noticed in the 1970s by a research group from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).
Public Perceptions of Global Warming by Richard Berk
What do people value about climate? How important is climate to things people value?
What's Up with the Weather? (Nova and Frontline, a PBS Website)
The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: earth's temperature has risen during the past century. But is it due to man's use of fossil fuel energy? And if so, how can we prevent the catastrophic results that some scientists predict if global warming continues?
Websites For Teachers
Bird's Eye View: Global Warming by Constance Hughes (Grade 9-12)
Students will research global warming; then students can put their knowledge to the test with either a classroom debate, web page, e-mail connection, and/or written essays about the effects.
Global Warming
This links-site connects to lesson and activity plans for teaching about global warming.
Global Warming at WeatherEye
This lesson examines what global warming is and why there is serious debate about it. There are two sides of the global warming argument: believers who think that global warming is a huge environmental threat, and skeptics who say that global warming doesn't even exist.
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