Biographies of Folksingers

This webpage is a companion to another 42eXplore project from eduScapes. Here you find biography and information websites for a select group of folk music performers. And if you have not already been there, be sure and check the Folk Music site where you find more related information, resources, and activities.
Baez, Joan: (1) Joan Baez Web Pages, (2) FolkLib Index for Joan Baez, (3) Joan Baez Main Page by R.L. Hess, (4) Joan Baez by P. Scaruffi, (5) Joan Baez - Biography, (6) Planet Baez
Belafonte, Harry: (1) Harry Belafonte and Friends and Harry Belafonte and Friends, (2) Harry Belafonte A Site of Sites, (3) Harry Belafonte Gets a Standing ‘O’ at Penn by A. Haigh, (4) Harry Belafonte form NPR Morning Edition,
Bossin, Bob: (1) Bob Bossin's Old Folksinger's Homepage, (2) Stringband, (3) Changing the World with My Guitar by B. Bossin
Brandywine Singers: (1) Brandywine Singers from Folk Era Records, (2) Brandywine Singers, (3)Lawn Chair Fans Come Out by C. Welsh
Brothers Four: (1) Brothers Four from from Folk Era Records, (2) Official Brothers Four Web Site, (3) Brothers Four Fan, (4) Brothers Four from World Folk Music Association
Chad Mitchell Trio: (See also: Denver, John): (1) Chad Mitchell Trio from Folk Era Records
Chapin, Harry: (1) Harry Chapin Music, (2) Harry Chapin, (3) Harry Chapin Foundation, (4) Harry Chapin Archive, (5) Music and Life of Harry Chapin, (6) Any Old Kind of Day
Chapin, Tom: (1) Tom Chapin's Official Web Site, (2) Tom Chapin from World Folk Music Association, (3) Tom Chapin
Collins, Judy: (1) Judy Collins' Web Site, (2) Judy Collins Main Page by R.L. Hess, (3) FolkLib Index for Judy Collins, (4) Judy Collins, (5) Judy Collins - Interview, (6) Judy Collins: 'If Amethysts could sing...'
Denver, John: (See also: Chad Mitchell Trio): (1) Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club, (2) John Denver, (3) John Denver aka. Henry John Deutchendorf, (4) Biography: John Denver, (5) Remembering John Denver by C. Campisi, (6) John Denver: Artist Biography, (7) John Denver Biography (Part 1 of 3), (8) Music of John Denver, (9) John Denver: Let This Be A Voice from PBS
Dylan, Bob: (1) Bob Dylan Biography, (2) Bob Dylan Biography Site, (3) Bob Dylan Starting Point, (4) Bob Dylan, (5) Bob Dylan - Just Another Day, (6) Bob Dylan Biography from Rolling Stone, (7) Bob Dylan Biography from MTV, (8) Bob Dylan, (9) Songs and Writings of Bob Dylan
Elliott, Jack (aka 'Ramblin' Jack Elliot): (1) Ramblin' Jack Elliott, (2) Liner Notes to 'Jack Elliot' (1964,Vanguard) by S. Silverstein, (3) Ramblin' Jack Elliott, (4) Ramblin' Jack Elliot's Awfully Big Adventures by B. Robinson
Gladstone, Jack: (1) Jack Gladstone, (2) Gladstone, Buckskin Poet by R. Selden, Indian Country Today
Guthrie, Arlo: (1) ArloNet - Official Arlo Guthrie Home Page, (2) Alice's Restaurant (Arlo Guthrie),(3) FolkLib Index for Arlo Guthrie, (4) Arlo Guthrie from All Music Guide, (5) Arlo Guthrie Concerts to Mark 30th Anniversary of 'Alice's Restaurant' by S. Rogovoy, (6) Late 20th Century Interview with Arlo Guthrie by D. Read
Guthrie, Woody: (1) Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence, 1940-1950 from American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, (2) Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives, (3) Songs of Woody Guthrie from D. Arkush, (4) Finding Guthrie in Manhattan by K. Sampey, (5) Woody Guthrie: Dust Bowl Balladeer, (6) FolkLib Index for Woody Guthrie, (7) Woody Guthrie Biography from Rolling Stone, (8) Woody Guthrie: 'I Commenced to Singing' from Smithsonian Highlights, (9) Woody Guthrie, (10) Woody Guthrie, (11) Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson from The Handbook of Texas Online, (12) Woody Guthrie form Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Hammond, Marie-Lynn: (1) Marie-Lynn Hammond, (2) Stringband, (3) When Leonard Coen sings by Marie-Lynn Hammond, (4) Marie-Lynn Hammond
Havens, Richie: (1) Richie Havens, (2) Richie Havens' Home Page, (3) Rock Paents: Richie Havensby R. Erikson, (4) Richie Havens' New-age, Hippie Music by S. Rogovoy, (5) Richie Havens from All Music Guide,
Ian, Janis: (1) Official Home Page for Janis Ian, (2) Unofficial Janis Ian Home Page, (3) Janis Ian Biography from Rolling Stone, (4) Janis Ian, Folk Singer/Songwriter by D.A. Miserandino
Ives, Burl: (1) Burl Ives, (2) Burl Ives, (3) Remembering Burl Ives by Kira Albin, (4) Burl Ives Collection at Library of Congress, (5) Burl Ives from EIU Hall of Fame
Kingston Trio: (1) Official Kingston Trio Website, (2) Kingston Trio Place, (3)Kingston Trio Liner Notes, (4) Kingston Trio from Folk Era Records, (5) Kingston Trio,
Lavin, Christine: (1) Christine Lavin Home Page, (2) Christine Lavin at FiftyFifty Music Online, (3) Christine Lavin: God's In the Details, (4) Christine Lavin :Biography
Ledbetter, Hudie aka. 'Leadbelly': (1) Leadbelly Web, (2) Lead Bellyfrom Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, (3) Huddie Ledbetter, aka Leadbelly, (4) Leadbelly, (5) Leadbelly - King of the 12 String Guitar Storytelling Blues, (6) Leadbelly Page from Harry Lewman Music
Lightfoot, Gordon: (1) Gordon Lightfoot, (2) Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Page,(3) Gordon Lightfoot: A Painter Passing Through from Reprise Records, (4) Lightfoot, (5) Gordon Lightfoot Interview by R. McGrath & M. Quigley, (6) Gordon Lightfoot: Master Craftsman of Popular Song by N. Jennings
Limeliters: (1) Fabulous Limeliters, (2) Glenn Yarbrough from Folk Era Records, (3) Tribute to The Limeliters, (4) Limeliters from World Folk Music Association
Mitchell, Joni: (1) Joni Mitchell from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, (2) Joni Mitchell Homepage, (3) Joni Mitchell Resources on the Web, (4) Joni Mitchell Discussion List, (5) Joni Mitchell from Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews, (6) Joni Mitchell from Swingin' Chick of the '60s
Ochs, Phil: (1) Phil Ochs, (2) Songs of Phil Ochs, (3) Remembering Phil Ochs, (4) Phil Ochs Bio, (5)Phil Ochs: Some Select Quotations, (6) Pixie's Phil Ochs Memorial Page, (7) Phil Ochs from Cosmic Baseball Association, (8) Phil Ochs by P. Mershon, (9) Schumacher Interview/Phil Ochs by P. Werbe
Odetta: (1) Odetta from Vanguard Records, (2) Odetta: Singer of Ballads & Blues, (3) Odetta fromConcerted Efforts, (4) FolkLib Index for Odetta, (5) Role for Odetta by S. Rogovoy, (6) Odetta
Paxton, Tom: (1) Songs of Tom Paxton, (2) Tom Paxton from World Folk Music Association, (3) Tom Paxton - Bio from Rhino Records, (4) Tom Paxton-Biography,
Peter, Paul, and Mary: (1) Peter, Paul & Mary Website, (2) Peter, Paul and Mary, (3) Peter Paul & Mary Song List (Chord & lyric downloads), (4) Three & A Half Decades of Peter, Paul & Mary by T. Alvarez, (5) Peter, Paul & Mary, (6) Peter, Paul & Mary, (7) Peter, Paul & Mary
Robeson, Paul: (1) Remarks by Harry Belafonte about Paul Robeson, (2) Paul Robeson Home Page from Rutgers University, (3) Paul Robeson Timeline from Rutgers University, (4) Paul Robeson on the Web, (5) Biography: Paul Robeson by R. Nagel, Contemporary Musicians, (6) Remembering Paul Robeson from PBS Online NewsHour, (7) Robeson, Paul from Africana
Rush, Tom: (1) Tom Rush, Singer/Songwriter, (2) Conversation with Tom Rush (Part 1) by WallyBreese, (3) Tom Rush from Skyline Online, (4) Tom Rush Interview from Play It Again Sam, (5) In No Particular Hurry: An Interview with Tom Rush by B.L. Knight
Sainte-Marie, Buffy: (1) Buffy Sainte-Marie, (2) Buffy Sainte-Marie - Mothbows to Cyberskins, (3) Buffy Saint-Marie, A Legend In Her Own Time, (4) Buffy Sainte-Marie by H. Rheingold, (5) Buffy Sainte-Marie from Northern Stars
Seeger, Pete: (1) Pete Seeger Appreciation Page, (2) Pete Seeger from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,(3) Pete Seeger, (4) Pete Seeger: Songs of the People, (5) Pete Seeger, (6) People's Pete, (7) Pete Seeger: The Old Left, (8) Pete Seeger from Mudcat Cafe, (9) Pete Seeger, (10) Seeger's Message Remains Consistent After 60 Years by M. Murphy & N. Sharif, (11) Pete Seeger: Folk Singer and Songwriter by T. Blair
Simon and Garfunkel: (1) Simon and Garfunkle, (2) Simon and Garfunkel from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, (3) Simon and Garfunkel Home Page, (4) Paul Simon, (5) Songs for the Asking, (6) Simon and Garfunkel: Lyrics
Van Ronk, Dave: (1) Dave Van Ronk Biography from Rolling Stone, (2) Conversation with Dave Van Ronk by D. Walsh from World Socialist Web Site, (3) Dave Van Ronk, (4) Dave Van Ronk Unauthorized by J. Kenney, (5) Dave Van Ronk's Page from Christine Lavin
Vega, Suzanne: (1) Suzanne Vega, (2) Suzanne Vega Dot Com, (3) Suzanne Vega Lyrics ,(4) Suzanne Vega Page, (5) Interview: Suzanne Vega from Savvy Traveler
Watson, Doc: (1) Doc Watson--American Folk Music Legend, (2) Doc Watson , (3) Legendary Doc Watson, (4) Doc Watson from Folklore Productions, (5) FolkLib Index for Doc Watson, (6) Doc Watson Lyrics
Weavers (See also Seeger, Pete): (1) Weavers from Folk Music Archives, (2) Weavers
White, Josh: (1) Josh White from Josh White, Jr., (2) Joshua Daniel White, (3) Josh White, Sr. — Who Was He?, (4) Elijah Wald – Josh White: Society Blues
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