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English and language arts topics include reading, writing, and literature.

American Sign Language (ASL)
autobiography (see 'biography')
Charles Dickens
Samuel Clemens (see 'Mark Twain')
drama (see 'skits, plays, and scripts')
English (see writing, journal writing, poetry for kids)
fantasy and science fiction
figurative language
Harlem Renaissance
journal writing
literary criticism
oral history
poetry for kids
reading (see 'skimming and scanning')
scanning (see 'skimming and scanning')
science fiction (see 'fantasy and science fiction')
scripts (see 'skits, plays, and scripts')
William Shakespeare
skits, plays, and scripts
skimming and scanning
speed reading (see 'skimming and scanning')
storytelling (see also 'biographies', 'journal writing', 'oral history', and 'writing')
surveys (see 'polls and surveys')
tall tales
theatre (see 'skits, plays, and scripts')
Mark Twain
writing (see also 'biographies', 'journal writing', 'oral history', and 'poetry for kids')



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